Let theSpaceWrangler lasso your home or office into shape
  1. 1.When you open your closets do items fall out?

  2. 2.Does it take you more than 7 minutes to find an important document?

  3. 3.Do you have broken items that you will never fix, outdated computers
       and electronics taking up valuable space in your home or office?

  4. 4.Do you save gifts that you dislike and will never use?

  5. 5.Do you hide things away when company is coming and then never organize those random piles?

  6. 6.Do you avoid inviting people to your home because of the chaos and clutter?

  7. 7.Do you have too many clothes? Too much furniture? too many dishes?

  8. 8.Do you collect special sentimental memorabilia yet do not display it

  9. 9.Are you spending money on storing your items in a storage facility and you can’t even remember what’s there but the storage costs are going up and up?

If you can answer yes to two or more of these questions, you probably need thespacewrangler:


Less is More

If your objects had emotions, which ones would want to stay and which ones are hankering for a new home?

Why not give a new home to something that no longer serves you? Especially when the new owner will cherish it more than you do?